Home Ownership Tips

Owning a home is great, but keeping up with roof, gutters and lawn care, buying new appliances, researching the best schools near which to buy, and other tasks can often seem daunting – particularly for new home owners. But they don’t have to be!

In this blog, we offer a variety of homeowner tips, including home maintenance insights, how to buy new appliances – and what kind to buy, DIY recommendations, helpful information about area schools, inside looks at some of our maintenance-free and traditional Belmonte homes and communities, as well as a little bit of history about this great region in which we live and work.

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Sheet Rock Repair: How to DIY

Sheet Rock Repair: How to DIY

It’s bound to happen eventually; a doorstop fails to stop a door, a tub overflows and causes some cosmetic water damage, or a teenager just thinks hockey in the hallway sounds like a great idea... at some point, you’re going to be dealing with damage to your sheet...

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