How to Buy the Right Oven for Your Kitchen

How to Buy the Right Oven for Your Kitchen

When discussing their kitchen, most people are very hot or cold when it comes to their oven. While some folks love theirs and feel like it suits their needs perfectly, all too often homeowners find themselves frustrated with an oven that struggles to maintain an accurate temperature or has important features that have stopped working somewhere down the line. As you’re building a new home, a little time and research now will pay off big down the road.

Though range top ovens are very traditional, there has been a great push in recent years towards wall ovens as these really open you up to a lot of exciting possibilities. Some folks might find a double oven to be a little much, but a 1 ½ oven provides a lot of the same convenience, along with terrific energy saving potential when all you want to do is cook a casserole or a frozen pizza for the kids.

Convection technology can dramatically cut down your cook times. Additionally, “Sabbath Mode” is a setting that will keep meals warm without drying them out and works great when you aren’t sure when exactly to expect your family home. Along the same lines, a delayed start feature can provide you with a lot more flexibility when it comes to meal planning (though we should note that keeping raw food at room temperature for too long is not advised as it can prove quite dangerous).

There are some simple features that are easy to overlook as well. A glass door is not only the easiest way to keep an eye on cooking food, but by not having to open the door to check on it, you lock in heat and save both on cook time as well as energy costs. might complain about the challenge of keeping a glass oven door clean, but innovations in glass technology are constantly improving this, and modern kitchen cleaners can usually cut through that grease pretty well.

As you’re purchasing appliances for your new home, your oven is one thing you’ll be glad you put careful time and thought into. Settling on the appliance that is unique and specific to your individual needs can bring a smile to your face with every meal you cook.