How to Buy the Right Refrigerator for Your Lifestyle

How to Buy the Right Refrigerator for Your Lifestyle

Maybe one of the most exciting parts of building a new house is the prospect of brand new appliances. When it comes down to it though, a lot of our customers realize that they haven’t been in the market for a new washer and dryer or a new oven in quite some time. Today we have for you the first in an ongoing series of posts that will help you pick out appliances that are built to last.

Not many appliances may appear as standard and straightforward as the refrigerator, but truth be told it is a device that has seen some major development over the past 20 years. Whereas not that long ago, your only real decision was “top-freezer or side-by-side”, modern refrigerators boast a wide range of styles and features.

The first decision you’ll want to make, is determining the build that’s right for you. Though freezer-on-top has been sort of the standard in the past, more and more people are starting to appreciate a freezer-on-bottom option, as the fridge is the section getting the most use and therefore is better served at eye level; that said, if you’re someone who requires a lot of freezer space, a side-by-side is hard to beat in terms of volume.
If you’re someone feeding a big family or entertaining frequently, cabinet style refrigerated drawers are great at fitting large trays and casserole dishes and also keep them out of the way from the rest of your fridge. French doors can provide energy saving benefits by allowing less cold air out and counter-depth refrigerators provide a great “built in” look without the cost of an actual built in.

When it comes to size, be sure to pick a refrigerator that not only has the capacity for your average grocery trip, but that also allows extra space for air to move around, as this is critical to maintaining a safe temperature in your fridge. When shopping for a unit, an easy rule of thumb is that a grocery bag is roughly one square foot of space.

Refrigerator features have come a long way from just “ice machines and filtered water dispensers”. Dual cooling systems allow your freezer and refrigerator to circulate air independently, cutting down on odor contamination. In-door-ice-storage frees up freezer space by keeping your ice bins out of the way, or dual ice makers can provide bulk ice in one area and dispensable ice in another. Finally, energy saving models and programmable temperature controls can make sure you’re never paying more than you need to in order to keep your food cool.

While it can be tempting to walk into a store and pick out the first refrigerator that jumps out at you, in this day and age you really have a lot of options. With a little time and research, you can find a machine that works for you and your budget.