How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt

How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a wonderful way to connect with loved ones and celebrate the coming holiday. No matter if this is your first year hosting or your 50th, we have some tips to make sure your hunt goes off without a hitch.

The first thing you’ll want to decide when hosting an egg hunt, is how big of an event you’re looking to throw. Putting together something small for your kids and maybe a cousin or two might not require an awful lot of foresight, but if you’re hoping to get the whole neighborhood involved, consider hosting your get together on Saturday. Easter Sunday can fill up with church and family commitments, but most folks are wide open the day before. You may also want to ask families to bring their own baskets, but still have a few spares on hand just in case.

Perhaps the most challenging component when hosting a proper Easter egg hunt, is juggling the age gap. There aren’t many things cuter than watching a little one waddle towards their prize…but when her big brother snatches it up before she gets there, things can get a little chaotic. One way to avoid this conflict and evenly divvy up each child’s haul, is to color code the eggs and hide them according to age and maturity. Maybe “the pink ones” are for your 4 year old niece and are cleverly hidden in spots like “on the step” or “next to the slide”, whereas “the green ones” for your 13 year old son are “in the shed, behind the lawn mower, under the old watering can” (dads and uncles are great at finding spots for these!).

The other option is sending your kids out in “heats” based on age. Hide your eggs with varying difficulty, but then let the little ones take a stab at the easy ones, before the big kids come out to clean up whatever’s left behind.

With the kids busy hunting for treasure, an Easter egg hunt is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends and fellow parents. Setting out some tasty snacks and drinks will grease the wheels on your social hour while their children are out to play. An extra Easter basket with some candy for the adults is also a great way to make sure the kids don’t have all the fun.

More than anything, don’t forget why you’re hosting this fun little holiday tradition in the first place! Enjoy your time with your kids and loved ones, take lots of pictures and try not to eat too much candy! Happy Easter to you and yours.