Tricks to Make Sure This Year’s Halloween Treating Goes off without a Hitch

Tricks to Make Sure This Year’s Halloween Treating Goes off without a Hitch

With Halloween just around the corner, it won’t be long before your neighborhood is filled with little ones looking to build their annual sugar stash. Whether you’re a parent taking your kids trick or treating, a neighbor eager to check out all the great costumes or someone who just doesn’t really feel like participating at all, we have some tips and tricks to make sure the night goes off without a hitch!

If you’ll be taking your kids and maybe a few of their friends out for the evening, the first thing you’ll want to do is have a game plan. Map out the route and keep in mind how old your kids are. For young children, a few neighbors they know and maybe a relative or two is really all they need before they’ll start to lose interest, whereas older kids will want to maximize their candy haul and stay out longer. If your kids are old enough to go alone, keep them safe by dropping a few glow sticks in their candy bags and maybe some reflective tape on their shoes so passing motorists know to watch out. At the end of the night, be sure to check their candy and discard any pieces that appear opened or tampered with.

If you’re staying in and passing out candy, but can’t decide how much to buy, try this; go to the store and err on the side of “too much”. On Halloween night, save the empty bags as you pour them into the bowl and then at the end of the night, figure out just how much you went through. Open up your phone’s calendar, and make a note to make next year a breeze.

Whether they’re going through a tough time, or just aren’t fans of the holiday, some folks simply don’t feel like celebrating Halloween and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t want to be interrupted, but also don’t mind the holiday, consider putting out a bowl of candy and some instructions. Shy of that, a simple note indicating you aren’t handing out treats should be enough to let the kids know it isn’t just that you can’t hear the doorbell. Likewise, parents with kids, encourage your children to be respectful of neighbors who aren’t participating this year.

Trick or treating isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s also a great way to bring a community together. Whether you’re out there ringing doorbells, or passing out candy yourself, just be sure to be safe, respectful and to have an awesome time!