Sump pump alarm going off? Here’s what to do…

Sump pump alarm going off? Here’s what to do…

If we’re being honest, “what do I do if and when my sump pump alarm goes off” is an emergency few of us ever really plan for, but it can cause some real panic should the situation ever arise. In most cases however, a little troubleshooting can quickly alleviate the problem, get your pump back to normal and keep your basement clean and dry.

First and foremost, if your alarm is going off do not turn off the pump!

Most sump pump alarms are in place to inform you that water has exceeded the maximum level your pump can efficiently handle. Check the water level in your sump pit. If it doesn’t seem any higher than usual, it’s possible the sensor on your alarm simply got wet from a leak on the pump or perspiration on your pipes. Wipe it off, keep a careful eye on it and you should be fine.

Should your water level be high enough that it is in contact with the sensor, your pump may be struggling to keep up with the incoming water flow. In the instance of especially heavy rainfall, listen to ensure your pump is functioning and it should be able to catch up once the storm has passed. To stop the beeping, pull the alarm, dry it off and set it aside until the pump has removed all of the water.

In the event however that your water level is rising and your pump does not appear to be operational, first check to ensure that the pump is receiving power. Double check your breaker and make sure it hasn’t been tripped. If your pump is fully powered and still struggling with displacing the water in your sump pump, you should schedule it to be serviced immediately.

Unfortunately, home emergencies are all but inevitable, but with a little planning and preparation, they can be infinitely more manageable. Keeping an ear out for your sump pump alarm and along with some basic troubleshooting will make sure you’re ready for the worst.