Belmonte’s ‘Inner Circle’ of Realtors Recognized

CLIFTON PARK, NY – Belmonte Builders is proud to recognize several Saratoga region realtors who have helped their clients find the perfect Belmonte homes.

On Thursday, February 18, Belmonte hosted many of the region’s premier real estate agents at Wheatfield’s Bistro in Clifton Park for their annual Inner Circle event. Belmonte’s Inner Circle is an exclusive group of realtors who have helped their clients move into quality Belmonte homes.

During the event, Belmonte Builders President Peter Belmonte spoke to the crowd about the company’s growth and how much they value the strong relationships with area real estate companies. The Belmonte Builders sales and marketing team also gave attendees exclusive details about new neighborhoods opening up this year, including Griffin’s Ridge, City Square and Princeton Heights, to name a few.

Each new inductee into the Belmonte Builders Inner Circle also had the opportunity to win wonderful prizes. All members received a custom Belmonte Builders swag bag.

The 2016 Inner Circle inductees include:

  • Donna Goldslager – Better Homes and Garden Tech Valley
  • Kathie Carswell – Realty USA
  • Karyn Long – Coldwell Banker
  • Chris Armer – Berkshire Hathaway
  • Sheri Pennartz – Berkshire Hathaway
  • Fran Callahan – Berkshire Hathaway
  • Janice Styles-Hall – Coldwell Banker
  • Jennifer Vucetic – Better Homes and Garden Tech Valley
  • Brad Winslow – Winslow Realty
  • Suzanne Prezio – Coldwell Banker
  • June Bartlett – Realty USA
  • Kelly Schwarz – Realty USA
  • Richard LaSelle – Realty USA
  • Ferdinando Bruno – Realty USA
  • Faye Rispoli – ReMax/Park Place
  • Jennifer Cardinale-Werner – ReMax/Park Place
  • Joyce Brown – Realty USA
  • Sarah Hislop – Sotheby’s
  • Franca DiCresenzo – Armida Rose Realty

For more information about Belmonte’s Inner Circle and how you can partner with Belmonte to help your clients, please call (518) 371-1000.

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