Light Lovers Love Transom Windows!

By July 29, 2019Blog
Sonoma Grove Castleton Study

Few architectural structures and details have survived centuries of passing trends and technological advances in the way that transom windows have.

Stafford_Entry Foyer_4 Stuart DriveTransom windows are the panels of glass that you would typically see above doors in old homes, especially in Mission or Arts & Craft styles.  They were originally used to add light to front hallways and interior rooms before the advent of electricity.

This style of window first appeared in 14th– Century Europe, when residents realized that an opening over an entry would be high enough to foil prying eyes while allowing a glimpse of sky and a bit of fresh air.



Today, transom windows are not limited to being used above doors and entrances.  They are now used in many rooms throughout the home to create a nostalgic look, not to mention a little more natural light…while keeping privacy in mind.




An oversized transom window in the bedroom is perfect for over the bed, providing additional light and a charming look without giving up any privacy.





Transom window are also a great choice to add natural light into a bathroom over the shower/bath.  Both charming and functional, transom windows have come a long way since the 14th Century.


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