Why Buy New?

By May 24, 2013Blog

Are you looking for a home, or just purchased one?  Did you ever ask yourself “Why don’t I build a new home”?  If you thought about it, did you conclude that buying a new home was the direction for you?  Congratulations, then, the following may reassure you that you made the right decision!

When making any big purchase, many consumers have the choice to buy new or previously owned goods.  From cars to mobile phones, consumers can sort out the pros and cons of each and make informed decisions about which to buy; a home is no different.

    1. Price

Comparative with Resale Homes

    1. Location

You can choose which home site your home is built on

You can choose where on your home site your home is placed.

    1. Home Design

You pick details (colors, materials) on exterior

You select features within your home

You pick floor plan

With feature-rich home, you design the home to meet your specifications

    1. Warranty

New homes have full warranty coverage

    1. Better Engineered

Results are a more energy-efficient home

Cost-effective to build, therefore less expensive to buy

    1. Environmentally-friendly/Green products

Air quality better – allergen-free

Better functioning

    1. Customized to you

Interesting, personalized features

Feature-rich homes

    1. Boost Local Economy*

Home building has created tens of thousands of jobs in 2013

Building 100 single-family homes creates more than 300 full-time jobs

Building 100 single-family homes generates $8.9 million federal, state and local tax revenues that communities rely on to help fund schools, police and firefighters

Once you decide to “buy new”, why choose Belmonte Builders? Our current customers provide some of the best testimonies.  For example, we have built multiple homes to our own customers! Often they start with a home for their growing family. Eventually this leads into upsizing into home that suits their needs as they grow.  Once the family has grown up and moves on, the time for a low maintenance option is considered.  Belmonte Builders can build a home for every phase of your life!

We strive to make every home the best one we ever built; we make efforts for continual improvement.  Over time, one area that has made significant leaps is the technology that we use to build homes. With this improved technology, we are able to focus on things like energy efficiency and home designs. Last year alone, 97.5% of our homes obtained Energy Star Certification – this translates to a home that will save the homeowners money and will retain its value over time.

All through the process, we uphold quality and integrity as our foundation. Once you step into a Belmonte home, you will understand why our customers choose to build with us.  See for yourself – be sure to visit our model home in Arlington Heights.


*Source for the local economy information is provided by the National Home Builders Association (NAHB)

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