About Belmonte Builders

Like so many success stories, it begins with doing what you love.

Peter Belmonte, Sr. was a successful senior executive with General Electric. He enjoyed his position, but there was something else he loved even more: building things. While a visionary, Peter was also a realistic businessperson. He saw a need for custom homes in the Capital Region of the very highest quality, both in design and materials. His dream – and the opportunity – were in sync.

In 1977, Peter left GE to pursue his dream: to design and build the finest custom homes possible, and to build them exactly the way his customers envisioned. His goal: to make every client’s “dream home” a reality.

Peter Belmonte

The Outcome:

Peter’s market judgment was accurate. In fact, he was so successful — and so happy in his new career — that in 1985 he convinced his son, Peter Jr., to leave his own corporate managerial position and join him in building the company.

The combination of youth and maturity proved dynamic. Today, Belmonte Builders is a prime force in Albany, Clifton Park and Saratoga – custom home builders in the Capital Region of upstate New York, building 30 to 50 homes per year.

Call (518) 371-1000 or contact us online for more information on how you can build the home of your dreams with Belmonte. Visit one of our custom home open houses to experience the quality that goes into each and every project.

Attention to detail, the use of innovative, high-quality products, and the retention of a dedicated, highly experienced staff have all contributed to this success.

Almost equally important is the word-of-mouth of happy clients — the trust and reputation for excellence built house by house, community by community, year after year.

The Belmontes built them – and they continue to come.

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