How to Get the Most out of the Showcase of Homes

By September 20, 2017Blog
2017 Saratoga Showcase of Homes, Belmonte Builder's City Square

For those in the process of building a new house, the Showcase of Homes is an awesome opportunity to check out exciting new home designs, ask questions and really begin to get a feel for your options. The showcase can be a little intimidating to the uninitiated, but today we’re here to help you navigate the event like a pro.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up a map at least a few days beforehand and identify the houses you really don’t want to miss. From there, try to plan the most effective route possible. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so when you head out to the event, wear comfortable shoes and consider bringing a bottle of water. Your smartphone is great for taking notes or if you’re a little more “old school”, consider bringing a pad of paper and a pen. Write down things you love (and maybe things you don’t!) as well as the companies presenting them. Utilizing your smartphone to take lots of pictures is also a great way to keep on top of your favorite components.

Besides the beautiful model homes, the showcase is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions and interact with some the leading home building professionals in the area. This is a great time to learn more about different communities, construction designs and building techniques. Arriving early and beating the crowds ensures you the most one on one time with our representatives so do your best to get there early.

Probably the most important advantage of attending a home show is the opportunity to compare and contrast your options from house to house. When it’s all over take your notes and photographs, sit down and really hash out what’s right for you. It will make the planning and design stages of the process run smoother and will help to ensure you love every detail of your new home for years to come.

While the Showcase of Homes is always a great time and a lot of fun, it’s also a terrific opportunity to see the wide array of options we have to offer you. With a little thought and strategy, it can serve as a valuable tool in planning your new home.

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