Pet Proofing Your Home

By September 30, 2014Blog, Homeowner Tips

For some, a house really isn’t a home without some furry friends to share it with.  Without proper planning however , cats and dogs can be a real risk to themselves and their surroundings.  This week, we have some helpful tips to keep your pets safe in your new home (and to keep your new home safe from your pets!)

First off, all around the house use child safe latches on any low cabinets that might contain substances dangerous to pets.  Medications, cleaners and cosmetics can be a real hazard to curious animals.  Likewise, keeping your trash in a latched cabinet might sound like a bit of a hassle, but even in just a month or two of limited access, most pets will learn to just leave it alone.  Additionally, block off small spaces near and around appliances to keep cats and small dogs out.

In your living room, look out for small spaces where you have trouble vacuuming.  Often times things like string or bits of trash can collect back there and get eaten by cats and kittens.  Additionally, keep an eye on your houseplants and whenever possible, move them out of reach of your pets.  Cats and dogs alike will eat just about anything that’s green, despite how sick they might make them.

Lastly, in your bedroom, keep your laundry in your closet along with any shoes or outerwear that might contain drawstrings or buttons as they can cause serious damage if swallowed.  Along the same lines, watch out for cords and wires around your phone and television.  Just securing them snuggly behind a dresser or nightstand can ensure your pets stay safe.

More than anything, simply being cautious and conscious is all it takes to keep your home and belongings safe both for your pets and from your pets!

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