Taking the Clutter Out of Your Kitchen – Part 2 of 4

When it comes to clutter, your kitchen can really prove a magnet for unnecessary junk.  From single use gadgets to miscellaneous doohickies, most kitchens are packed full of stuff you probably won’t ever use more than once.  With a few simple tips and tricks though, you can cut back on the chaos and restore order to your kitchen.

First off, move all your kitchen accessories into a single box.  As you use them, take them out and put them away.  Do this for about a month or so and then donate anything left to Goodwill.  With any remaining appliances, a little velcro tape can secure cords and make storage a breeze.

Consider limiting your dishes to just two or three more sets than necessary for you and your family.  Not only will this save on cabinet space, but it will also help to keep your dirty dishes under control.

You know those condiments that have been lost to the ages in the back of your refrigerator?  A cheap Lazy Susan can sort that out for good.  Seriously, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Everybody has a “junk drawer”.  Get yours under control with some interlocking plastic drawer organizers.  They only cost a few dollars and can go a long way towards getting your drawers under control.  To ensure a good fit, take a sample of your drawer’s contents (batteries, pens, scissors etc) to the store with you and compare them to the organizers available.

Take the weekend to take back your kitchen…you’ll be glad you did!

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