The Best Fireworks for the 4th of July

By July 2, 2018Blog

237 years after our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, we continue to honor and celebrate “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” by proudly displaying our patriotism toward the red, white, and blue. Where better to do so, than Saratoga Springs, mere miles from where the Battles of Saratoga took place and marked the turning point of the Revolutionary War in favor of American Independence.

Living just minutes up the Northway from the State Capital certainly has its advantages, and no time of year is that more prevalent than on the 4th of July. Home to some of the best fireworks around, the New York State 4th of July Celebration is a treasured tradition of the Capital District.
<li>Starting at 3:00 and ending when the last firework is fired, Empire Plaza offers fun for the whole family with food and live music as well as local craft vendors and activities for the kids. Though many will try to sneak in just before the fireworks begin around 9:00, be advised that on average over 30,000 local residents typically attend the event, leaving the area packed and parking near impossible. If you want to stake out a really great spot, it is recommended you arrive as early as you can.</li>
<li>If that sounds a bit too crowded for your taste, many of the locals will stick to Hudson-Jay Park. Right across the street from the Empire State Plaza, if you’re willing to trade a slightly obstructed view of the fireworks for grass to sit on and a bit more personal space, it’s a great way to beat the crowds. Likewise, Lincoln Park might put you a bit further away from the action, but provides more room to stretch out and lay down a blanket. The distance from the event also makes parking a bit easier as well as providing you a quicker escape from the traffic when the fireworks wrap up.</li>
Though the New York State 4th of July Celebration might provide the biggest fireworks show in the area, that certainly isn’t to say residents of the Capital District are without other options. If you don’t feel like fighting the crowd and making the drive down to Albany, there is undoubtedly something for you a little closer to home,
<li>Clifton Park: July 4th Celebration at Clifton Common Parade at 12 pm, Fireworks at dusk</li>
<li>Saratoga: Fireworks on Tuesday, July 3rd at 9:30. The fireworks are launched from Congress Park, behind the carousel and are best viewed from Spring St, Henry St, Putnam St, and the Phila St parking deck.</li>
<li>Troy – 7/4 – 6:30 – Valley Cats game with fireworks to follow</li>

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