Veterans Day in Saratoga County

Veterans Day in Saratoga Springs

Celebrating Veterans Day in Saratoga Springs

There are lots of opportunities in the Saratoga region this weekend for you to show your respect & appreciation for the men and women who have fought to protect our rights and freedom.

Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11th!  On this national holiday, we come together as a nation to celebrate the patriotism, sacrifice, and willingness to serve of the men and women of the Armed Forces as well as those who have fallen defending the country.  If you are looking for ways to pay your respects to our fighting men and women this Veterans Day, there are lots of opportunities in the Saratoga region.  Choose from formal ceremonies to festive concerts and fundraising balls…all in honor of Veterans.   Or if you prefer a quieter way to show your respect, make plans to visit the Veterans Walk of Honor and Memorial in Congress Park or one of many historical spots in the area.

Here’s a quick list of notable events in the area.  You can find a full list at Saratoga.com.

Friday, November 10th

Saturday, November 11th

Sunday, November 12th     

Do you know what makes Veterans Day different from Memorial Day?

People often get confused over Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Do you know the difference?  If not, here’s the quick answer:
  • Memorial Day is in honor of those who have died serving in the military – – and mandates flying your flag your flag at half-mast until noon.
  • Veterans Day is in honor all who have served in the military  – –  you can fly your flag at full-mast from sunrise to sunset. According to Military.com, Veterans Day began as Armistice Day to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918.

Some key facts:

  • There are 18.5 million veterans living in the United States as of 2016, according to the Census Bureau. Of these, 1.6 million veterans are women.
  • A large proportion of the veteran population, 9.2 million, are aged 65 and older, while 1.6 million are younger than 35.
  • The American labor force has 7.2 million veterans ages 18 to 65. Of these, 6.8 million are employed. Male and female veterans’ annual median incomes are both higher than their non-veteran counterparts.


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