Safety In Your Home

Home safety is just as important as home maintenance. Here’s a look at some general safety precautions you can take on a regular basis to keep you, your family and your home safe year round.

First of all, every home should have at least one fire extinguisher per floor. Make sure everyone in your family knows where they’re located and check them regularly to ensure they’re fully charged. Additionally, your family should have an emergency plan and a meeting spot for use in the event of a fire. Review and run through your plan at least a few times a year.  This is also a great time to check the batteries in all your smoke detectors and make sure they’re all functioning properly.

Next, you should be checking all of your handrails regularly to ensure that they haven’t become loose or wobbly.  If they feel unstable, first determine whether the newel post at the bottom of your stairs is weak, or if the rail itself has a few screws loose. Reinforce the post and tighten the screws as necessary.

Lastly, keep an eye out for carpet that may be lifting up or buckling as this proves to be a nasty tripping hazard. A heavy epoxy like Mighty Putty may be enough to secure it in some cases, but in instances of especially heavy buckling, you’ll want to hire a carpet installer to come and re-stretch your carpet.

Once again, some simple solutions that can really make a difference in keeping your family safe. In less than an hour, you can safeguard your home from some very preventable dangers and pitfalls.

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