Take Back Your Storage – Part 4 of 4

By September 17, 2014Blog, Homeowner Tips

With the rest of your house pretty well under control, there’s just one last project to tackle.  All too often, rather than eliminating clutter, we choose to cover it up which leaves our closets and storage areas is a real state of disarray.  With the final post in our series, we’re going to talk about ways to manage and maintain organized storage and finally beat back clutter for good.

Let’s start with the linen closet.  Folded sheets and towels take up massive amounts of shelf space and quickly devolve into a heaping mess.  Rolling towels not only maintains a sharper appearance, but dramatically cuts down on their size.  Likewise, storing sheets sets in their respective pillow cases creates clean and neat bundles that are easily stacked and stored.  Lastly, rolling shelves make retrieving the items you’re looking for a total breeze.

For smaller miscellaneous closet items like batteries, cleaning supplies and travel accessories, invest in simple plastic storage containers.  A quick trip to the dollar store can really go a long way in simplifying your closet space.

Unfortunately, not everything we own fits perfectly into an organized storage plan.  Things like seasonal items, sentimental treasures and occasion specific pieces will always struggle to find a year round home.  Often times, we stuff them in a closet or box that we hope company never sees and then we can’t find them when they’re needed.  Instead, consider investing in a set of matching storage containers.  Number each one and then catalog items in a Word document as you put them away.  Then whenever you need to find something, just open it up and run a quick search.  This might sound a little obsessive, but it really won’t take long at all and will bring order to the final frontier in decluttering your home.

With a little time and a bit of work, you can get your house organized and under control!  Just pick a place to begin and work out from there…before you know it, you’ll see some big changes!

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