Your Initial Consultation with Belmonte Builders

By July 3, 2012Blog

You’ve decided to build a new home.  What’s next? The next step is more-than-likely the most important one…you must meet with your perspective builder and make certain that the one you choose is the right one!  This is when you begin to build a relationship with the team of people who will walk you along the journey of home building!

For those who like it simple, here it is:

  1. Make appointment with us :  Call 518-371-1000
  2. Determine your living space needs
  3. Distinguish “wants” versus  “needs”
  4. Know your budget

And now, for the details:

  1.  First things first – make the appointment! Be sure that you allow enough time for us to answer all of your preliminary questions.  It is suggested to allow about an hour and a half for this first appointment.  It may seem like a long time, but you’d be surprised at how quickly time passes and the questions that you come up with during the initial consultation.  Setting up the appointment ensures that you will get the other items done in preparation and ensures that you won’t procrastinate! Our main office number is 518-371-1000
  2. Next, you should have an idea of how much living space you will needKnowing the exact square footage is not necessary, but an understanding of how many bedrooms, bathrooms, guest rooms and so forth will help us create a home that fits you and your family’s needs.  If you’ve had an opportunity to look through our collections and have found floor plans or elevations that appeal to you, make note of them and bring them to your appointment.  It may be helpful to take notes right on the brochure – that way you don’t forget the small details.  We do take thorough notes and listen very carefully to your needs at each meeting, but if you bring the notes that capture your thoughts during your initial browsing of floor plans, this is assurance that you won’t forget to bring up all of your questions at this consultation.  We build your home 100% custom to your specifications and your needs, so these plans serve as a good starting point to get you thinking about all aspects of a custom home, both inside and out.
  3. Now, you should start two lists – one is a ‘Wish List’ the other is a ‘Need List.  This helps pare down the things you can’t do without (need) versus the things that you’d like, but can manage with something else (want).  Specifically, know the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need.  Have a sense of the number of guests you will periodically host so you can plan for that.  Do you want a media room?  How about a library?  Can you manage your home office and study integrated in the same space?  Some home owners can’t go without an outdoor living area.  However you need it, you decide.  If you put something on your wish list, there is a very good possibility that you can add on in the future.  Just be sure to ask us what possibilities are open for future additions and modifications.  One great starting point to visit is our online gallery.  Our photo gallery is a small collection of photos that we have compiled for your viewing pleasure.  It may help to give you some idea of the detail that goes in to creating your unique home.  Until you begin this process, you may not know that you choose every detail that goes into your home – it will reflect you and your family’s unique taste and style.
  4. Finally, and possibly equally as important as any of the aforementioned items, know your budget!  By sharing this with us, you will be certain that any recommendations that are given to you will be done so with this in mind.  This allows for us to understand the financial boundaries that you have set and to better guide you through the decision-making process in a realistic manner.

The key is to be as well-organized as you can so that you can get the most out of your initial consultation.  Don’t worry- if organization is not one of your strongest attributes, we are well prepared to assist you through the entire process!  We’ve done this so many times over the years, we’ve made many adjustments and changes and as a result, created a well-oiled machine out of this previously arduous process.  You will neither be left alone nor left guessing what you need to do at any step.  We are with you at every step of the way.  Some tools that we provide you with are:  checklists, information sheets, vendor lists and a home owner’s manual so that you will have all of the information you need at your fingertips!

Open communication with the entire Belmonte Builders team ensures that your needs are met, and those needs are reflected in the specifications of your new home.  Be patient through the process.  At times, it can be stressful, but if you stick to your needs and wants (and understand the difference), you can make decisions much easier. Once you leave this first appointment, you should expect to receive a proposal from us.  This will factor all the details you want, the cost of the home and options as well as a rendering of your perspective home.  One of the most exciting parts of building a home is the very first time you see it illustrated!  The rest is really up to you…once you make your decision, we would be honored to help you build your dream home!  Belmonte Builders builds Homes As Individual As You Are.  518-371-1000

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